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Research Centre

We are working together with sports scientists towards developing exercise protocols for athletes, with a particular emphasis on sports injury prevention and sports performance enhancement. 

Yoga for sports injury prevention

In order to develop an integrated approach to the problem of sports injuries, we have pursued a line of inquiry using yoga, an ancient method of holistic health from India. This research program is specifically developed by our head teacher Mr. Tilak Raj for rugby players. This investigation will examines how a yoga intervention can be used to help in reducing rugby-related injuries.

Yoga for sports performance enhancement 

We have pursued this research project through a Rugby Football Club, for which tiya yoga provides the primary instructor and designed the exercise protocol. This research project runs in conjunction with the regular training of rugby players. It examines the variations in the performances of an experimental group versus a control group and will pursue a long-held debate that incorporating yoga into contact sports could improve performance overall.

Our published research work

We have published our current and past research projects in collaboration with renowned academics. 

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