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What people says about us? 

Our focus is ensuring that everyone can join in and gain benefit from our classes, whether you are an experienced yoga practitioner, have an injury, or health concerns. We can adapt everything that suits your health to achieve goals. Our teacher's teachings are heart-oriented and with years of experience. 

Tilak's classes are always the highlight of my weekends. What I really like about him is that his instructions are clear, precise, and are conveyed in a sincere manner. The way, he explains and guides/adjusts his students into the poses, one can tell that he really know yoga!


Ee Lee Ong

I started Iyengar yoga with Tilak in 2014. I enjoyed his classes, the classes were always filled with light-hearted humour, perfect amount of instructions, simple and short but richly descriptive and relevant theme of the class. He is a keen observer, have an eye to see every move and step of the students physical to facial muscles. Constantly being aware of their progress, directs back to breaths and alignments.

Tilak is a responsive helpful teacher, who spends the time to discuss and answer questions asked by students. His knowledge of asana, philosophy and spiritually is profound. A good teacher can make a difference in our yoga journey.



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